XFL Football League

XFL’s Initial TV Ratings And Attendance Numbers Are Strong

The XFL’s first TV ratings came out and it was nothing short of excellent. The first XFL game was broadcasted on ABC when the Defenders outlasted the Dragons,31-19. The game averaged 3.3 million views and reached roughly 4 million towards the end of the game according to ESPN PR.

The highest market for viewership from the game was Seattle(6.4), Cleveland (4.6), and Columbus (4.5). Looks like Ohio really loves their football.

Although the XFL can expect high viewership week in and week out, every week will not be like this one. Many people tuned in due to the curiosity aspect.

Compared to the AAF, the startup league that failed last year, the XFL blew the AAF out of the water. Week 1 for the AAF had a peak of 2.9 million views compared to the XFL’s 4 million.

The stands were also packed for the games this opening weekend in the XFL. All 4 games had over 17,000 in attendance. Seattle and St. Louis have sold the most tickets so far and they were not even hosting games on opening weekend.

Both the TV views and attendance are great signs the XFL is here to stay… and for a long time.