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Slog AM: Rural COVID Patients Are Filling Up King County’s Hospital Beds, Seattle Is Less White, Justice Kavanaugh Got the Deadly Virus

Tweet submit to reddit Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center coordinates the transfer of COVID-19 patients from small, rural and critical access hospitals to mainly metro areas.Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center coordinates the transfer of COVID-19 patients from “small, rural and critical access hospitals” to mainly metro areas. David_Johnson/
One cannot describe Joseph O’Sullivan’s story, “Hospitalizations spike in rural Washington amid fifth COVID-19 wave“, as anything but excellent. We finally get a sense of the chaos that the rural anti-vaxxers have plunged their hospitals into. But there is one particular passage that will catch the attention of vaccinated and mask-complying Seattle residents. It is this: “Washington’s fifth wave has hit rural counties particularly hard, swamping medical systems and forcing the transfer of hundreds of patients to King County hospitals to manage the load.”


Rural patients are overflowing into King County’s hospitals. This is an even bigger and politically charged story. But O’Sullivan says nothing more about the matter, and instead focuses on the various reasons rural people find (one way or another) to avoid vaccination.

However, another Seattle Times article by Joseph O’Sullivan, “Slammed by COVID, statewide system helps transfer rural Washington patients to available hospital beds”, shows that King County is absorbing most of the transfer patients from Washington’s rural areas.


Swamped by the fifth wave of COVID-19, hospitals across rural Washington have transferred hundreds of patients to metro areas since July 1, according to statewide data.

More than half of those 414 transferred patients have gone to King County hospitals, according to data by the Washington Medical Coordination Center.

And there you have it. Rural anti-vaxxers have completely broken their health system and are now exerting an enormous amount of pressure on the ones in metro areas (King County, Pierce County, Spokane County). Did I mention King County is the kingdom of antifa, BLM, and Critical Race Theory? Indeed, none of this should surprise you. This is how it always works with rural people. This is indeed the essence of American politics.

Are you as frustrated as Bernie Sanders is with the strong resistance against the much-needed Reconciliation Bill? Well then, blame the considerable power our political system gives to those rural people who are now filling up King County’s hospital beds.

Marc Stiles of the Puget Sound Business Journal reports that the timberland corporation Weyerhaeuser will not return to its gorgeous Pioneer Square office until there’s “significant and sustained improvements in neighborhood safety.” Meaning, of course, until Seattle sweeps and keeps on sweeping the homeless out of the area.

What am I talking about? This is what I’m talking about: “Driving in WA with an exhaust system modified to be louder than stock specifications can result in a ticket.” It’s 149 bucks. Indeed, the fine should be much, much more because there are few things more obnoxious than the American freedom to make big and useless noises with the carbon-spewing pipe of a car or motorbike.

Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin space program is described by several of its employees as “a toxic work environment and not following proper safety protocols.” KOMO has more on the billionaire blues.

Gene Balk reports that Seattle’s white population significantly declined between 2010 and 2020. At the beginning of the decade, “66% of Seattle’s population was white”; at the end, it was down to 59.5%. This means the 206 is not that far from becoming like Bellevue, a minority-majority city. I can’t wait for that to happen.

That MyPillow guy is now claiming that even Idaho deprived Trump of thousands upon thousands of votes in the 2020 presidential election. But Trump won the Potato State “by a margin of more than 30 percent.

Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, an awful human being, has tested positive for the virus that has killed nearly 700,000 Americans. The virus killed 2,500 Americans yesterday. It will kill 2,000 more Americans today and tomorrow. Kavanaugh, however, is fully vaccinated, and he has no symptoms. The whole damn story can be found in the Washington Post.

What’s this going on in Alaska?

Yes, but all of this construction and pro-transit planning has not made housing cheap in Vancouver BC. Why? Because housing affordability is achieved with government policies, rather than the free market.

But this does sound promising. Let’s hope they can beat the market system.

Our most powerful eye on the universe, the Hubble telescope, recently spotted six massive galaxies that died so very long ago. But what exactly is a dead galaxy? Is it one with no stars, and therefore simply just space, simply nothing? What exactly is the difference between a living galaxy and a dead one? The answer astronomers offer is this: “they [appear] to have run out of the cold hydrogen gas.”

It is impossible at this point not to end the AM with Mountain Brother’s hiphop classic, “Galaxies”: