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PR: The CAMP by HUB Football Returns To Dignity Health Sports Park Oct 20th

The CAMP presented by HUB Football returns to Carson’s Dignity Health Sports Park on Wednesday, Oct. 20

The CAMP presented by HUB Football, the preeminent audition stage for free agents looking to land coveted spots on NFL and other professional rosters, is set to return to the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson for a free agent workout camp next Wednesday, Oct. 20. DHSP is located in Carson, just south of Los Angeles.

Media is welcome to attend from 11-1 p.m.

A rolling series of one-day workouts, 70 players took part in the most recent CAMP on Sept. 29 at DHSP and scouts from six NFL and three CFL teams were in attendance.

Founded by NFL agent Don Yee, The CAMP presented by HUB Football has become the go-to destination for free agent players. The majority of its participants are players who recently spent time with NFL teams, while others include recent collegiate players looking to land their first shot at making an NFL, CFL or other professional roster.

Yee created The CAMP as a pathway and opportunity for aspiring pro athletes to show off their skills for talent evaluators from the NFL and other professional leagues, including the CFL. CAMPs are not combine-style workouts, but rather they are designed to mimic workouts that take place routinely at NFL facilities across the country. Players do individual work with position coaches, while also competing in one-on-one and team-style drills. Since its inception in 2019, more than half of the teams in the NFL have attended CAMPs to scout free agents in-person, while nearly every CFL team has been represented. In addition, film from all CAMPs is sent to more than 800 NFL and CFL talent evaluators, along with scouting professionals from other leagues.

The CAMP is unique in that it limits its roster to 50-60 players, ensuring that only the best-of-the-best receive an invitation to participate. More than 500 applications were submitted for the Sept. 29 CAMP. Players pay a small registration fee to attend, and they have an option to purchase a copy of their film from the day, film which again is distributed to every NFL and CFL team. Players pay their own travel costs, but the results have spoken for themselves. Since HUB Football launched The CAMP in 2019, a total of 408 players have suited up and 70 have gone on to sign professional contracts. And a number of those 70 players have signed with more than one team, resulting in a net total of 102 contracts signed by HUB Football alums.

For more information about The CAMP presented by HUB Football, including the scouting camp, visit https://www.hubfootball.com.  

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