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Major League Football (MLFB) Announces 4 More New Hires

The MLFB has made 7 new hire announcements over the last 6 weeks Scout Mike McCarthy, Medical Director Mayfield Armstrong, and Special Executive Consultant Tom Lewand. On Tuesday, the league announced 4 more newly acquired employees.

In their most recent 10-Q filing, CEO Frank Murtha released the names of 4 more members executives hired by the league. These references came directly from the league’s filing:

Rick Nichols – Chief Operating Officer.  A University of Houston graduate, Rick has held key front office executive positions with NFL teams for over 27 years of his professional sports career.

Steve Videtich – Assistant to Director of Football Operations/General Managers – With over 20 years of experience working as or with professional football players in the AFL, Steve brings a unique skill set to the Company.  Having played for 13 years in the AFL then working both in the league and team front offices, Steve understands the challenges involved with managing a professional sports organization.

Bruce Wick – Director of Equipment.  Bruce is a former NFL, XFL and United Football League equipment manager including the San Diego Chargers.

Karen Dominy – Director of Travel and Transportation.  Karen brings significant travel and transportation logistical experience to the Company.

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