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Former Florida QB Tim Tebow Has Been In Touch With The XFL

Stories have been circulating about a Tebow– XFL connection for months now, and it’s finally been confirmed that the two parties have talked. However, the 32-year-old Quarterback has chosen to remain in the baseball minor leagues.

When asked about the new football league at a Mets press conference, he said.

“Yeah, there was some communication…we had a couple conversations. I love what they’re doing, I think it has a chance to have success… There needs to be a place for players that are really good, and should and could be playing in the NFL and are better than NFL players. I think it’s awesome, and I think its good for a lot of guys who will get a spot on an NFL roster because they’re gonna show a team that they’re worth it. But for me, this is what I wanted to do and pursue, and be all in.”

Since signing with the New York Mets in 2016 he’s posted a .222 Batting Average and has moved up from the A league to AAA in the past few years. He’s displayed some good power with 18 homers, and at the moment is dedicated to chasing his baseball dream.

Maybe he just like being in Orange & Blue (USATSI)

It is certainly interesting that the XFL has reached out to him, and we can only wonder if he’ll have an interest next year. He can’t exactly sit at a conference for his baseball team and tell them he wants to jump ship and play football, but it seems like he’s warmed up to the idea. When asked in January 2018 if he would play in the league, he was far less excited about it, so maybe this is progress.

32 is a prime age for QB’s and he hasn’t been taking hits in football since 2015, so he could be a huge pickup for a team wanting a veteran QB. Fans would love to see Tebow make an XFL appearance and his off the cuff, athletic playstyle would suit the league well.

In his time with the Gators and Broncos, he was known for his improvisation, hard-nosed running style, and late-game heroics. While it’s highly unlikely to happen this season, I’m sure the struggling Tampa Bay Vipers have sent out feelers to the hometown Floridan hero.