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Comment on USFL: Potential Head Coaches, Team Locations, Ownership Structure by Rockhound6165

People like to blame Trump for the fall of the USFL but the truth is, it was a dumpster fire the 1984-85 seasons. The league expanded too much too fast and the reason why was the league needed the expansion revenue. Then you had the league raiding top college talent as well as some NFL talent. So they were throwing money around they didn’t have. Not to mention many of the teams were mismanaged. The Gunslingers were a comedy act. The players used to have Gumball Rallies on payday to race to see who can get to this one bank in Podunk, Tx to cash their checks before the money ran out. Now should Trump and the other owners gone to the fall? Hell no but anyone who blames Trump solely is doing it based on politics and not reality. But here’s to the re-birth. I hope my Stars come back.