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Comment on Former Renegades D Coordinator Talks XFL Days, If Bob Stoops Will Return, Cardale Wants To Play For Packers – 111 by Clint McCollum

Still loving the XFL News Hub podcast. I always put it up to the top of the playlist when it comes out.

A little light on broadcasters, Disney is spreading out its sports coverage across its different channels and not focusing them on just ESPN.

Sunday Night Baseball is moving away from ESPN and going to ABC.
Its upcoming new contract with the NHL, some games will be on Hulu.
Other events and games can/will move to ESPN+ and Hulu as ESPN sub fees continue to grow smaller and smaller, as less people have cable subscriptions.

The idea behind the moves is to grow these channels and an effort to recoup the sub fees lost by ESPN and increase subs on Hulu, ESPN+ and other corporate owned outlets.


Also, NBC is shuttering is NBC Sports Network and moving events to Peacock and other outlets.

CBS could be a big factor, needing sports to help fill that void. Golf and international soccer, along with the NFL is its only “big” ticket items.

Warner Media (in the process of merging with Discovery Networks, is moving some of its Turner sports coverages to HBO Max, so when new leadership takes that over, they could be another huge player.

God bless and have a great day!