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BREAKING: Defensive Coordinator Pepper Johnson Fired by LA Wildcats

Defensive Coordinator Pepper Johnson has been fired. This comes as the Wildcats shake up their entire defense. They cut the face of their defense in Anthony Johnson earlier this morning. XFL News Hub’s own Konnor Fulk is reporting.

After the game, Saturday, Head Coach Winston Moss was very upset with his coordinators.  He said that earlier in the week he gave his coordinators 3 things to do in the game: Win the turnover battle, win the explosive play battle, and win the field position battle. They did none of those and Moss was visibly upset. 

Pepper Johnson is a 5 time Super Bowl Champion (2 as a player, 3 as a coach). He was a coach with the Patriots as well as the Bills and Jets.

This is a jaw-dropping move after just one game. The best guess here is that there were some locker room issues as now the DC and defensive captain Anthony Jonhson have been let go by the team 

The Wildcat players are off today so they were just as shocked as everybody else. 

More to come. 

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