Seattle Dragons

Seattle Dragons win home opener against Tampa Bay Vipers

The Seattle Dragons won their home opener at CenturyLink Field against the Tampa Bay Vipers Saturday.

SEATTLE — The Seattle Dragons won their home opener against the Tampa Bay Vipers Saturday 17-9. 

It was a good comeback after their loss to the D.C. Defenders during the debut game of the new XFL league last weekend.

Seattle scored its touchdowns on a 68-yard touchdown pass from Brandon Silvers to former Seahawks receiver Keenan Reynolds.  The Dragons added the winning touchdown when Marcel Frazier blocked and caught Taylor Cornelius’ pass then rolled into the end zone.

President of the Seattle Dragons Ryan Gustafson explained the game is designed to be more exciting for fans.

“We want to bring fans closer to the game then they’ve ever been before,” Gustafson said.

XFL fans can expect different rules regarding punts, kick-off, and games will do away completely with the extra point after a touchdown.

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The XFL doesn’t have the star power of the NFL, but its creators are hoping to capture the attention of hardcore football fans in the aftermath of the Super Bowl. 

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