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XFL Attendance Report: 15,031 show up at Audi Field to watch Defenders

DC Defenders fans continue to pack Audi Field to watch their XFL team.

Last week the DC Defenders had 17,163 fans in attendance and that is very impressive when you consider the stadium holds 20,000 fans. This week the Defenders did not disappoint. Their defense was on point once again giving Matt McGloin problems all game.

Audi FieldĀ is a soccer-specific stadium in Buzzard Point in Washington, D.C. It is the home stadium for the Major League Soccer team D.C. United as well as the DC Defenders of the XFL and seats 20,000 people.

This week at Audi Field there were 15,031 in attendance.

McGloin was so flustered at halftime when leaving the field he told the reporter that they needed to change the entire damn gameplan because he was getting sacked and hit up front quite a bit.

McGloin comes out of the half down just two scores and throws a pick six. The DC Defenders have been playing extremely well and they are the prime time defense right now, and they look like the best team in the league at this point.

The fans will continue to support the team in DC, and shoot I would not be surprised if they continue to do well with their attendance.

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